Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 10x15cm, 30kpl, Photo Cards, Tin


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Photo Cardit toimitetaan metallisessa laatikossa, johon mahtuu 30kpl 10x15cm kuvia.
GLOSSY. 325g/m² · 100% α-Cellulose · bright white · high-gloss

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How to print Photo Cards

Capture your most memorable experiences and unique moments – with Hahnemühle Photo Cards

As a mini-collection for a ‘mobile’ portfolio presentation, an invitation to or a give-away at your exhibition, a professional business card for fine art photographers, a greeting card with your favourite holiday snapshot, a birthday invitation, a thank-you card for a wedding or baptism or simply as a lovely gift – the high-quality inkjet photo cards from Hahnemühle offer a variety of creative design possibilities.

The popular photo cards in an elegant metal tin are now available in four popular Hahnemühle FineArt grades: Photo Rag® 308, Museum Etching, FineArt Pearl and Photo Rag® Baryta.

With these options, your creativity has free rein. From matt paper with a smooth or textured surface to paper with a satin or high-gloss finish, the inkjet photo cards show your highlights to their best advantage – also in a mini format.

The elegant packaging with the embossed rooster protects your inkjet prints and is ideally suited as a small, mobile archive.

  • Perfectly suited as a mini-collection or as an invitation to or a give-away at your exhibition
  • Ideal for individual greeting cards, invitations, thank-you cards or simply as a lovely gift
  • Masterfully showcases your memorable moments to their best advantage – also in a mini format
  • Available in four popular Hahnemühle FineArt qualities
  • Practical packaging in the form of an elegant metal tin containing 30 inkjet photo cards