Hoya Mist Diffuser Black No0.5 77mm tehostesuodin

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Tehostesuodin joka pehmentää huippuvaloja ja vähentää kontrastia, pehmentää ihoa.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): 670024066074102



The HOYA MIST DIFFUSER BLACK series is an effect filter that creates a black mist effect through diffusing objects in an image, giving it a stylish cinematic look. This special kind of mist effect is achieved by equally distributing a fine black nano powder between two layers of optical glass. Built with a non-coated glass surface for a better-looking effect and enhanced flares. With two versions available, MIST DIFFUSER BLACK No0.5 and No1, it is possible to select the desired intensity for your photo.


The HOYA MIST DIFFUSER BLACK is a soft type filter that adds a special cinematic effect to your photos and videos through diffusing light around light sources and slightly suppressing shadow contrasts, creating exquisite nuances reminiscent of a scene in a movie. The appeal of the MIST DIFFUSER BLACK is that it allows you to obtain a cinematic quality on the spot, without retouching.

Thanks to its soft effect, the HOYA MIST DIFFUSER BLACK is also great for portrait shots. It smoothens skin texture and reduces overall contrast, giving models a stylish look. Compared to other soft filters, the MIST DIFFUSER BLACK does not whiten the image.

The MIST DIFFUSER BLACK can also create a special atmosphere in landscape photography. For example, it makes for a fantastic atmosphere by blurring the light through the trees. If the exposure compensation is set to a brighter setting, the blurring of light becomes even stronger.


The HOYA MIST DIFFUSER BLACK gives videos a classic vintage look that is reliably repeatable across various cameras and lenses. It takes away the time-consuming work to add a diffusion effect in post-production and gives camera operators and directors instant feedback on the set.


  • MIST DIFFUSER BLACK No0.5 and No1 are recommended for different scenes. No0.5 is suitable for night scenes and backlit scenes when the sun starts to set, while No1 is more suitable for forward lit or low light situations.
  • The soft effect is stronger when the focal length of the lens is on the telephoto side and weaker at the wide-angle side.
  • The effect may vary depending on the type of light source and other shooting conditions like for example shutter speed.
  • The effect seen in the viewfinder and the result of shooting (depending on print, monitor size, etc.) may differ.
  • The final result will also change depending on the exposure compensation, so it is recommended to use exposure compensation if necessary.