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Lähes kaksi vuosikymmentä sitten julkaistu Kowan TSN-880-sarja on saavuttanut ikonisen aseman lintuharrastajien ja ulkoilijoiden parissa. Nyt sarja on aika päivittää: Kowa TSN-88 Prominar. Uudessa TSN-88:ssa on 88 mm:n kupera puhdas fluoriittikristallietulinssi, joka on kaiken Kowa Prominar -optiikan sydämessä. Koveraan linssiin yhdistettynä sen ainutlaatuinen linssinrakenne mahdollistaa uskomattoman elävät värit, poistaa väripoikkeamat ja näyttää aiemmin katsojalle näkymättömiä yksityiskohtia. Kun aiemmin näit linnussa mustan kentän, näet nyt täysin uuden värien kirjon ja entistä enemmän yksityiskohtia.


Kowa spotting scope TSN-88A Prominar

The new spotting scope comes with an improved optical construction with a new optical coating applied not only to the lenses but also to the prism. Available light enters through the objective lens and internal optics which is then finally transmitted to our eyes via the exit pupil. The more light photons that make it through the lens, the better and clearer we can see the object at high magnification and in greater detail. Thanks to the superior optical construction the spotting scope produces a larger and wider spectrum of colors than its predecessor and gives a remarkable true to life color rendition.

A newly designed 95mm filter thread that is placed on the actual body of the scope can be utilised to connect a protection filter to protect the objective lens from dust, dirt and grease. The repositioning of the filter thread to the main body of the scope eliminates a cavity between the objective lens and filter – further reducing the risk of unwanted materials settling on the objective lens and eliminating lens flare. Objective lens has further protection with Kowa’s unique KR coating which actively repels dirt, moisture and dust.

The TSN-88 Prominar adopts the new ergonomic curves and form created for the recent TSN-99 scope series. It comes with improved elegant styling and a comfortable shape designed to give the user the best experience and operation out in the field.

The aluminium barrel formerly used on the TSN-880 series has been upgraded to a 100% magnesium alloy body. By employing the use of a 100% magnesium alloy structure, the spotting scope is now one of the most compact and lightweight in its class and is also lighter and tougher than the previous TSN-880.

The spotting scopes are fully compatible with the entire Kowa accessory range such as extenders or adapters for shooting through the binoculars. The model comes in two versions TSN-88A (angled version) and TSN-88S (straight)

Precise focus

The dual focus system is one of the defining features of our flagship spotting scopes, highly engineered to give ultimate control, the TSN-88A Prominar is no exception. Operation is flawless and precise, quick focus allows for fast action to bring your subject in to detail in just a few smooth revolutions, whilst fi ne focus gives pin-point fingertip control offering the ultimate in focussing accuracy.


Cross compability is a fundamental feature of all Prominar spotting scopes. The TSN-88 Prominar accessory collar and bayonet mount is 100% compatible with our Kowa System accessory range, giving you access to interchangeable eyepieces and accessories, creating a truly flexible optical tool that can be used for many applications. The spotting scope body allows connection of our Prominar eyepieces including the 25-60x TE-11WZ II wide zoom and the Extreme wide 35x TE-80XW.

If you own historical TSN-880/770 eyepieces – rest assured, they will fi t and work perfectly with TSN-88 Prominar. Add the EX-16 1.6x extender for increased magnification for long range applications, attach the latest smartphones and digital camera bodies with our easy-to-use digiscoping adapters for super telephoto photography. Even insert astronomical eyepieces and push the boundaries of this planet to the next.

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