MANFROTTO Background Kit Chroma Key 2,9 x 4m Blue (MLBG4301KB)

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Rekisteröi ostamasi Manfrotto tuote täällä 12 kuukauden sisällä ostopäivästä. Useimpiin tuotteisiin saatavana jatkotakuu, joka vaihtelee 1-3 vuoden välillä.

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  • Large working surface area
  • Simple construction design
  • Packs into a 103cm long fabric bag
  • Folding wings enable background to support itself
  • 10 minutes set up time
  • Available in Chroma Key Blue and Green
  • Kits include cover, frame and fabric bag

The Chroma Key FX Background is Manfrotto’s all in one portable Chroma Key background solution, tailored to most demanding content creators, videographers and cinematographers working on the move.Previously a technique utilisedonly in TV, Cinema and Movie production, Chroma keying is being increasingly used in the video production and content creation industries. Used in many circumstances not only to create captivating special effect sequences but also as it allows production companies to greatly reduce the requirement for expensive set building and location hire. This is an appealing feature not only good for the production budget, but it can also save a lot of time in shooting schedules as it cuts out travelling to numerous locations whilst shooting.

With an impressive overall set up size of 4m wide and 2.9m tall and a workable background surface area of 11.2m² (Chroma key fabric cover measures 3.9 x 2.8m), the ManfrottoChroma Key FX background is the largest reusable all in one Chroma Key background kit available. The large surface area makes it ideal for use when shooting wide and low camera angles, as well as moving subjects that would otherwise prove unachievable with a smaller surface. The ability to reuse this kit time and time again make this kit an invaluable asset with a return on investment after just one or two uses when compared to a non-re-usable build.This portable background kit quickly and effortlessly packs down into a convenient carry bag with a surprisingly compact folded size of just 103cm x 30cm and weighing only 9.8kg the Chroma Key FX Background is extremely transportable and ideal for working on location.

Made up of three rigid but lightweight aluminiumframed sections coupled together with four hinge clips, the Chroma Key FX Background can stand up independently by folding in the outer frames to create a wraparound effect or can be leant against a wall to utilisethe full width of the system.The frames benefit from an elastic cord running through it which ensures ultra-fast assembly of the frame and prevents any components being misplaced when the kit is packed away. The two included tensioning bars ensure the background is pulled taut and virtually crease free for more accurate keying and reduced post-production time. The entire background kit can be ready to go in just ten minutes meaning users can spend less time building and instead focus on the shoot at hand.The included Chroma Key fabric features a unique and innovative clip system which allows it to be fastened directly onto the frame quickly and easily, creating a smooth and seamless background designed to key out effortlessly. Alternative Green and Blue fabric covers are available separately to provide an alternative keying surface dependent on the scenario or subject, making this invaluable kit adaptable and versatile in many different shoot situations.