NanLite Nanlite Translucent Deep Umbrella 165cm läpiammuttava sateenvarjo


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  • TRANSLUCENT MATERIAL – The Nanlite Translucent Deep Umbrella 165 ’s translucent material softens and broadens light by allowing it to pass through, creating natural-looking, diffuse light with very soft shadows.
  • WIDE DIAMETER – Thank’s to its 65in diamter; Translucent Deep Umbrella 165 creates light with a wrap-around quality and a broad beam angle great for wide coverage of groups, large spaces, etc.
  • PERCISE CONTROL – For further adjustment, light sources can be positioned anywhere along the umbrella’s shaft to focus or de-focus the light controlling contrast and coverage.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY – Designed for use with Nanlite’s P-Seris LED Monolights, the Translucent Deep Umbrella 165 utilizes a near-universal 8mm shaft making it compatible with umbrella mounts on most LEDs, strobes and constant lights.
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED – For over 25 years Nanlite has been producing innovative LED lighting solutions backed by a 2 year limited warranty extendible to 3 years limited with registration. Warranty valid only on products purchased from authorized dealers.