NISI Close-Up Lens Kit 58mm (52mm, 49mm) lähilinssi


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Tällä lisäkkeellä APS-C objektiivi 24-250mm ja täyden kennon objektiivi 35-250mm muuttuu macro-objektiiviksi. Soveltuu 58mm ja mukana tulevilla sovitteilla 52mm ja 49mm suodinkierteeseen.



Review of NiSi Close-Up Lens Kit by Joni Niemelä

The NiSi Close Up Lens Kit NC 58mm (with 49 and 52mm adaptors) allows lens between 24-250mm (APS-C) and 35-250mm (Full Frame) to function as a macro lens. It’s compatible also with zoom lenses. You can also use it together with macro-lenses with over 50mm focal length.

The close-up lens is the most effective way to achieve a closer minimal focal distance.
The magnification of this close up lens is +5 diopters.
The magnification will be 1:1 at a focal length of 120mm (Full Frame).

To use a close-up lens it is important to know the maximal and minimal distances at which you can focus because you will only be able to take a properly focused image within that range.
The working distance depends on which lens you are using, but will be between 9-22cm.

We recommend using the close-up lens with an aperture of f/8-f/16 to achieve the sharped details.

NiSi’s Close-up lens is made of double optical corrective glasses with apochromatic design and muti-nano coating to give advanced resolution and a natural color with almost no purple/green fringing both within focus and in bokeh.

Mounts on any lens with a 58mm thread with a focal length of 24 to 250mm.


  • Can be used with NiSi Step Down Adapterring 62-58mm, to fit macro-lenses like Sony 90mm and Nikon 105mm without vinjetting.
  • Can be used with NiSi Step Down Adapterring 67-58mm, to fit macro-lens like Canon 100mm without vinjetting.

Close Up Lens (58mm)
49mm and 52mm adaptors
Lens Cap


  • Dual lens elements of high quality optical glass
  • Apochromatic correction
  • Double optical corrective glass
  • Muti-nano Coating
  • Available for lenses with 58mm filterthread
  • Magnification – Diopters +5
  • 58 mm filter thread, included adapters for 49 and 52 mm