NiSi Filter IP-A Landscape Kit for iPhone

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NiSi Filter IP-A Landscape Kit for iPhone

NiSi Filter Holder IP-A for iPhone
The NiSi IP-A Filter System for iPhone will help take your mobile photography or videography to the next level.

Specifically designed for iPhone, the IP-A Filter holder is attached to the top of the phone, and the locking screw attaches to the front of the phone, securing the filter holder. The registration hole attaches to the back of the phone, aligning with the registration hole. Turn the locking screw clockwise until the IP-A holder is secure.

The NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone is compatible with NiSi IP-A circular filters and NiSi P2 square filter holder.
Stack up to 3 circular NiSi IP-A filters (sold separately) to the filter holder. No vignetting using 0.5X camera mode while using two circular IP-A Filters.

NiSi Filter Holder IP-A P2 (For IP-A iPhone holder)
Adds a square filter holder to the NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone (Sold Separately).
When in use, it allows P1 square filters to be used on an iPhone.
The P2 square filter holder allows 2 square filters to be stacked and rotated 360-degree.

NiSi Filter Linear Polarizer for P1 Mainly used to suppress non-metallic surfaces highly reflective (polarized), revealing the original color and texture of the object, can also be used to improve the tone and hue of the sky, most commonly used filter especially in landscape photography, for digital its role is irreplaceable.

NiSi Filter Medium GND8 (3stop) for P1
It have dark area on the top and gradually to clear at the bottom preventing over exposure of skies.
Particularly useful for images that feature buildings, mountains and other elements that protrude into the skyline.

NiSi Filter ND64 For P1
ND64 filter reduces the light by 6 stops. Perfect for videographers and landscape photographers who want to use slower shutter speeds or wider apertures than possible without ND-filter.

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