Pentax O-GPS2 -GPS-yksikkö

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GPS-yksikkö on yhteensopiva Pentax K-3 Mark III, KP, K-3, K-5II, K-5IIs, K-5, K-S2, K-S1, K-70, K-50, K-30, K-r, K-01, 645Z ja 645D kanssa.

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Major Features

  1. GPS function for effortless recording of shooting location data
    The O-GPS2 mounts on the hotshoe of a compatible camera and records the latitude, longitude, altitude, universal time coordinated (UTC) and direction of the shooting location onto captured images. In addition to GPS in the US and QZSS in Japan, GLONASS and Galileo can be newly received.
  2. ASTROTRACER for effortless astronomical photography
    When mounted on the corresponding PENTAX digital SLR cameras body, the O-GPS2 also offers the advanced ASTROTRACER function,** which couples the unit with the camera’s SR (Shake Reduction) system for the effortless tracing and photographing of celestial bodies. The unit calculates the movement of stars, planets, and other bodies using the latitude obtained from the location data and the camera’s alignment data (horizontal and vertical inclinations and aspect) obtained from its magnetic and acceleration sensors, then shifts the camera’s image sensor in synchronization with the movement of the objects.
    *** As the result, stars and other bodies are captured as solid points rather than blurry streaks, even during extended exposures. It also makes astronomical photography much simpler, as
    it requires only a tripod and eliminates the need for an additional accessory such as an equatorial telescope.

    In addition to the normal Type 1, the Type 2 that can be used in combination with the PENTAX K-3 Mark III makes the image sensor follow the movement of the celestial body at half the speed of the Type 1. You can suppress the flow of the landscape on the ground and shoot both the stars and the landscape in a well-balanced manner.

    ** This function is available only when the O-GPS2 is mounted on a PENTAX digital SLR cameras body equipped with a SR system.
    *** The duration of ASTROTRACER operation may vary depending on photographic conditions.

  3. Simple Navigation to indicate location data to a destination
    The O-GPS2 offers a Simple Navigation function, which calculates the direction and distance to a given destination from the current position. The user can either locate destinations using location data stored on recorded images, or register and/or assign them by uploading location data created on a PC.
  4. Electronic Compass function to indicate and record direction
    The O-GPS2 comes equipped with an Electronic Compass function, which displays the camera’s direction on its LCD monitor with great precision. Using the aspect of geomagnetism detected by its magnetic sensor and the location data, the unit indicates the aspect in relation to true north. The user can also record directional data on captured images.
  5. Other features
    Simplified weather-resistant construction for use in light rain
    Independent power source (one AAA-size battery) to eliminate the need for power
    supply from the camera body
  • Compatible Cameras: 645Z, 645D, K-3 Mark III, KP, K-3, K-5II, K-5IIs, K-5, K-S2, K-S1, K-70, K-50, K-30, K-r, K-01
  • Recorded Information: Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Time (UTC), Direction
  • Receiving Function: GPS, SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Acquisition Time: Cold-start: approx. 40 seconds, Hot-start: approx. 5 seconds
  • Positioning Interval: 1.5 second
  • GPS Accuracy: 10 RMS
  • Geodesics World Geodetic System (WGS84)
  • Electronic Compass
  • Accuracy: ±5° (precise calibration)
  • Positioning Interval: approx. 8 times
  • Reference Direction: True North
  • Dimensions Approx. 49.0mm (W) x 33.0mm (H) x 59.5mm (D)
  • Weight Approx. 63g (including alkaline battery), approx. 52g (unit only)
  • Power Source AAA battery x 1 (alkaline battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, or lithium battery)
  • Operating Time:
    approx. 5 hours (23 ) / 3 hours (0 ) with alkaline battery
    approx. 5 hours (23 ) / 5 hours (0 ) with nickel-metal hydride battery
    approx. 9 hours (23 ) / 9 hours (0 ) with lithium battery
    The operating time is a guide based on our measurement conditions. It may vary depending on usage conditions.