Samyang XP 35mm F1.2, Canon EF

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Käsitarkenteinen erittäin laadukas ja valovoimainen klassinen 35mm objektiivi. Takuu 3 vuotta. Suodinkierre 86mm.

SKU: H1113401102


Valmistajan sivulle

  • Model name XP 35mm F1.2
  • Aperture range F1.2 ~ F16
  • Lens optical construction 12 Elements in 10 Groups
  • Special lens ASP 2, HR 3, ED 1
  • Coating UMC
  • Minium focusing distance 0.34m (1.115ft)
  • Maximum maginification ratio x 0.17
  • Filter size 86.0mm
  • Number of blades 9
  • Mount Canon EF
  • Angle of view Full Frame 64.5˚
  • ASP-C 44.4˚
  • Maximum diameter 93.0mm
  • Length 117.4mm
  • Weight 1,106g

With F1.2 bright aperture value, you can realize your creativity to the best. With the useful 35mm angle of view, you can perfectly represent colors with any subject based on the overwhelming resolution while minimizing distortion.

Captures every detail in the littlest of light
EF Mount Auto Exposure Full Frame Sensor F1.2 8K Beautiful Bokeh 9 Aperture Blades
Experience the quality of the XP 35mm F1.2 in your photography. The 35mm focal length, crystal resolution, and F1.2 bright aperture produce stunning bokeh and gorgeous colors thanks to Samyang’s leading-edge optical technology. You can also shoot fast indoors and in low light environments, with its excellent support for stable high-definition filming. The XP 35mm F1.2 enables you to freely express details everywhere, every time.

The 35mm angle of view and F1.2 bright aperture
XP 35mm F1.2 adopted 35mm angle of view and F1.2 bright aperture to realize the best resolution and abundant expressions. The bright aperture enables you to freely express details and the 9-sheet circular aperture brings you beautiful background blur and bokeh functions. You can shoot fast indoors and in low light environments, with its excellent support for stable high-definition filming.

Special lenses (ASP and HR and ED), almost zero-defect, amazing resolution
XP 35mm F1.2 has 10-type 12-sheet lenses, and with the design that maximizes resolution and controls various chromatic aberrations, you can get clear images from the center to the edge. The special aspherical lens, high refractive lens, and extra refractive index lens effectively adjust the courses that light comes in, and deliver clean and exuberant images to the sensor. And it applies ultra multi-coating technology and successfully controls flares and ghosts.

Solid metal and classy design – Samyang’s representative premium lens
XP 35mm F1.2 is the top class lens, which has been made by Samyang’s 40 year know-how in optical design and manufacturing technology. It will successfully support you in photography with the latest 50M or higher pixel DSLR cameras, and 8K filming. Proven by the overwhelming optical performance, it is Samyang’s representative premium lens packed in the metallic and classy design.