Sirui P-325FS Monopod -hiilikuitumonopod

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Hiilikuitua. 140cm/57cm, 10kg/1,17kg. Takuu 6 vuotta! Apujaloista saat tehtyä tukevan pöytäjalustan 36 asteen kallistuksella. P-326FL:n lyhyempi versio.

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Huom! video on P-325FL -mallista! P-325FS on muuten sama, mutta hieman lyhyempi.

The carbon fiber structure gives the P-325FS monopod a weight of only 1.17 kg, which is 21% lighter than previous models from SIRUI. Weighing about the same as a mirrorless camera, this monopod is of great portability for doing outdoor shoots.

The monopod features a unique modular design;
Four modules, including the mounting plate, main tube section, tripod foot, rubber foot, can be detached and combined freely to form a monopod, an extension rod, or a tabletop tripod.

Quick Release System
The quick release system has a distinct advantage over the locking knob system.
Pull down the top/bottom quick release sleeve to detach modules in a quick and easy way.
Thanks to the trigger mechanism, even a mounting plate with heavy gear attached can be inserted into the quick release sleeves within a second.
When inserted, the mounting plate will be locked securely into place.

Quick release mounting screw
Press and hold the button to take out the screw.
Flip the screw upside down to switch between the 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread.

Quick release tripod base
Remove the rubber foot from the tripod base and attach it to the bottom of the main tube to form an extension rod or normal monopod.

360° Panning
The upper twist collar has a groove-textured surface for quick adjustment while shooting.
Unlock the upper twist collar to get a full 360°panning ability.

Quick Leveling
Two bubble levels on the base allow you to always keep the monopod in good balance even when you are doing highly mobile outdoor shoots

36° Tilting
Use the ball locking knob to adjust the friction of the ball.
Loosen the ball locking knob and tilt the monopod 36° in any direction to get a lot of movements.

Full-Featured Tripod Foot
The tripod foot is well built with solid aluminum, offering two positions at your choice.
Legs can be folded up reversely to fit into your backpack.

Rubber & Spike Foot
The monopod comes with a rubber foot that can be retracted to reveal a spike.

Combine functions of monopods with feet, monopod, extension rods, and tabletop-tripod:
Monopod with feet Video recordings where you can move smoothly, but still with stability.

Event shooting, interview shooting, high-angle shooting, places where the tripod is not an option

Extension Rod
Highly mobile situations, weight distribution of telephoto lenses, a telescopic stick for stabilizers or action cameras

Table Tripod
Low-angle shooting, desktop recording, close-up shots, vlog shooting

Max korkeus: 140cm
Kuljetuspituus: 57cm
Max kantavuus: 10kg
Paino: 1.170kg