UES Sensor Cleaning Kit kennonpuhdistussetti, Full Frame

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Kennonpuhdistussetti täysikennoisille kameroille. Mukana 14kpl kennonpuhdistuslastoja, sekä puhditusneste (14,78ml).

Tuotetunnus (SKU): SEFFR24


Sensor Cleaning Kit is specially designed for cleaning the full-frame sensors with a sensor width > 24mm. It could also be used to clean other delicate or hard-to-reach optical surfaces.

UES sensor cleaning swabs are manufactured and vacuum-sealed in a Class 100 Cleanroom. It is the purest available on the market. The swab head is completely covered by ultrafine microfiber cloth, which can safely and effectively remove dust, dirt, and stubborn debris from the sensor.

Eco-friendly sensor cleaner is 100% non-toxic and non-alcoholic. Purified water-based cleaner enables it to air dry quickly and leave no residue on the sensor. UES Sensor Cleaner is totally safe for both CMOS and CCD sensors.


  1. Make sure your camera’s battery is 100% fully charged.
  2. Remove the lens to gain access to the sensor.
  3. For reflex cameras, you need to lock up the mirror to gain access to the sensor.
  4. Use an air blower to remove loose dust from the sensor.
  5. Open one end of the swab package and remove the swab.
  6. Dispense 1 to 2 drops of cleaner to the edge of the swab.
  7. Hold the handle at a 60° angle, off the surface of the sensor.
  8. Swipe the swab from one end of the sensor to the other end with a single constant motion.
  9. Turn the swab 180° and use the clean side of the swab to swipe the sensor in the same direction again with a single constant motion.
  10. Discard the used swab and never reuse it for other sensors.