Vangard VEO Select 45M, musta kamerareppu


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42 €/kk (4kk) Kuukausierä Jousto osamaksulla.
Esimerkkilaskelma on suuntaa antava.
Kuukausierä: 42 €/kk
Maksuaika: 4 kk
Luottohinta: 167 €
Saatavuus: 1-4 päivää
Toimittajan varastossa 6-10 kpl
Toimituskulut: alkaen 5,90 €

Peilittömälle järjestelmäkameralle ja 2-3 objektiiville



Mahtuu peilitön kamera objektiivin kanssa + 2-3 objektiivia, salama ja tarvikkeita.
Tasku 13″ kannettavalle.

Ulkomitta: 46.35 x 32.05 x 19.05 cm
Sisämitta: 45.09 x 27.64 x 11.1 cm
Paino: 1.53 kg


The VEO SELECT 45M incognito backpack/shoulder bag safeguards a Mirrorless/CSC/Hybrid Camera with lens attached, 2-3 extra lenses and photo accessories, or video gear: gimbal, audio kit, lighting and more. The bag also accommodates a small drone, a 13” laptop and allows for easy tripod connection.

Available in two muted color options; Black and Green

  • SELECT your carrying style – Backpack & Shoulder bag in one
  • Multi-access quick-action – full rear opening, side and top access
  • Quick-action – side access in split seconds
  • Comfortable carrying – ergonomic harness tucks away when well-padded shoulder strap in use
  • Ease of transport – connects to the handle of your wheel-along luggage
  • Always protected – well-padded all round
  • No fumbling – bright colored interior makes finding things easy
  • Well organized – dedicated pockets for all essentials
  • Safe storage – concealed pocket on back panel to secure travel document and wallet
  • Business oriented – holds up to a 13″ laptop
  • Stay steady – optimal balance tripod carrying system
  • Clean and dry – water/scratch resistant material on the bottom
  • Keep dry – total coverage rain cover