Voigtländer 50mm F1.0 Nokton VM, Leica M

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Käsitarkenteinen erittäin valovoimainen normaaliobjektiivi M-mountiin. Takuu 3 vuotta!

Tuotetunnus (SKU): V113289



  • Polttoväli 50mm
  • Suurin aukko F1.0
  • Pienin aukko F16
  • Objektiivin rakenne 9 elementtiä 7 ryhmässä
  • Kuvakulma 47,8°
  • Himmenninlehtiä 12
  • Lähin tarkennusetäisyys 90cm
  • Mitat 73,6 x 55mm (halkaisija x pituus)
  • Paino 484g
  • Mount M-bajonetti
  • Suodinkierre 62mm
  • Vastavalosuoja ja linssitulpat sisältyy toimitukseen

Lenses from the NOKTON series always shine with a high speed of F1.5 or below. But our new Nokton 50 mm F1.0 aspherical VM sets a new standard here!

It is a completely newly developed standard lens for full-frame cameras with Leica M mount and has some special features.

Lightweight lenses are often very powerful in design. Therefore, one development goal was to realize a compact barrel in addition to the very large aperture and excellent imaging performance.

This was achieved by using a specially ground front lens made of a glass material with a high refractive index (Grinding Aspherical Lens). Thus, the lens configuration could be simplified without sacrificing image quality and the length of the lens could be limited to 55 mm. In addition, floating elements are used, meaning that a specific group of lenses is moved to the optimal position depending on the shooting distance to ensure consistently clear image sharpness that is uncompromised at all times.

This high technical effort is reflected in the top image quality and gives the user a wide range of options for image composition. The sharpness performance is convincing up to the peripheral areas, the great bokeh at open aperture inspires and the rich handling simply makes photographic work fun. A real tool for the photography enthusiast!

The shortest shooting distance is 0.9m (depending on the camera used), and the weight is 484g. A lens hood, which can be attached to the lens upside down when not in use, is included in the package.