Voigtländer 50mm F1.2 Nokton, Sony FE

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Huippuvalovoimainen manuaalitarkenteinen 50mm n0rmaaliobjektiivi Sonyn peilittömille, sopii täysi- ja cropkennoisille kameroille. Vain manuaalitarkennus. Suodinkierre 58mm. Takuu 3 vuotta.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): V105628



  • Polttoväli 50mm
  • Kuvakulma 47,5°
  • Suurin aukko F1,2
  • Pienin aukko F22
  • Lähin tarkennusetäisyys 45 cm
  • Linssirakenne 6/8
  • Himmenninlehtiä 12
  • Suotimen halkaisija 58 mm
  • Mitat (Halkaisija x Pituus)  70,1 x 58,8 mm
  • Paino 434 g

The NOKTON 50mm F1.2 Aspherical E-mount is a high-speed manual focus lens optimized for the full frame imaging sensors of Sony mirrorless cameras.
50mm F1.2 standard lens could be called a special lens for photo enthusiasts. During the middle to late 20th century, when the maximum aperture of fast standard lenses was generally F2 or F1.4, a 50mm lens with F1.2 aperture was favored by professional photographers as a special fast lens. Because of this, even today many photo enthusiasts are still captured by the tradition and charm of this lens.

The NOKTON 50mm F1.2 Aspherical E-mount is a newly designed standard lens with today’s technology for specifications that bring out the best in a high-speed standard lens. By using two out of eight elements, each with two aspherical surfaces, it realizes a compact size while having a large aperture. With this lens, you can enjoy comfortable handling well-balanced with camera body and gentle, ample bokeh.

This lens is a manual focus and manual aperture design, but also features electrical contacts that enable the lens settings at image capture to be included in the Exif information of the image data. Furthermore, the lens is installed with a distance encoder to enable support for 5-axis image stabilization on bodies with this feature, by providing distance to subject information used to compensate for camera shake. Focus peaking while manual focusing is also supported. The aperture ring has click stops in 1/3 steps. The lens also features a click stop switching mechanism that enables the click stops to be turned off when shooting video.

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