Dörr MAS LCD Protector -näytönsuoja Canon EOS 1300D:lle

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Dörr MAS näytönsuojat on valmistettu japanilaisesta heijastamattomasta optisesta lasista, joka on nanopinnoitettu. Suoja hylkii likaa ja vettä ja on helppo puhdistaa. Valonläpäisykyky 95%. Helppo asentaa.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): D902701


Provide excellent protection for the LCD Display with the MAS LCD Protector. It protects against scratches while still allowing you to view your crystal clear images. Easy to install and can be easy removed without leaving any marks. Anti-reflective and shatterproof coating makes it easy to use the MAS LCD Protector. Made with an ultra thin surface with extremely fine polish and Nano coating.

This LCD protector also includes wet & dry cleaning cloth, cleaning tape and a plectrum for use when applying the protector.
Superior Glass Material: The MAS LCD screen protector is made of japanese optical glass with fine polish on the surface. It has high level of parallelism and easy to clean.
No Adhesive and Anti-aging: The MAS LCD screen protector adopts electrostatic adsorption theory. There are no adhesive materials all around the entire screen. The adhesive aging won’t happen due to being adsorbed on the screen for long time. The tight adsorption makes it not easy to fall off after attaching on the screen. It can also be removed from the screen without leaving any trace.
Applicable for Touch Screen: The MAS LCD screen protector can be used on all kinds of cameras with capacitive touch screen function.
Anti-Collision and Anti-Abrasion: The Mas LCD screen protector is with anti-explosion film on the surface of intensified glass, which makes it possible to minimize the damage of LCD screen due to unexpected collision. The intensified surface can reach super durability and high anti-scratches.
Super Strong Protection: Even when the MAS LCD screen protector is broken, the screen protector still keeps in one unity and never falls into peices. Thus it can ensure the safety of LCD screen and user.

Ultra-Thin and Top Transmittance: The MAS LCD screen protector is made of ultra thin japanese optical glass. The transmittance can be up to 95% or more after testing, it wont affect transparency.

UV Cut: The MAS LCD screen protector has special anti-reflective layers to prevent ultra violet rays’ damage to the LCD screen.

Easy to Install and Remove: Clean the LCD screen first, align it correctly with the LCD screen and then stick it lightly. It will be self-adsorbed on the LCD screen. Slide the edge of camera to remove it very simply.