Hoya HD NANO Mk II UV 67mm -UV-suodin

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4x tavanomaista kestävämmästä lasista valmistettu 32x monikalvopäällystetty Nanopinnoitettu UV-suodin. Nanopinnoitteen ansiosta jopa 800% parempi kesto naarmuuntumista vastaan.

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The HOYA HD nano Mk II UV is the best protection you can get for your lens. Equipped with HOYA’s highest quality glass, manufactured with a high-pressure press technology for maximum sturdiness, and perfected with the unmatchable ultra-hard nano coating, the HD nano Mk II UV will provide you with the protection of a fortress and an image quality worthy for the big screen. Experience what it means to use a titan!

The most vulnerable spot of filters are their coatings. A coating is not permanent. Daily usage and wiping when cleaning the filter wear the coating off. The filter protects from potential physical damage – but the coating should also have extraordinary strength in order to not wear off during routine maintenance. If the coating loses its effectiveness, the image quality suffers.

But not with the HD nano Mk II’s ultra-hard nano coating. This newly developed coating is applied onto the filter’s glass surface more firmly and tightly on the nano level than ever before. Due to this, the particles are layered on the glass surface with extremely high density that creates a hard to come off and smooth coating.

With applying now an incredible amount of 32 layers to both sides of the filter glass, the coating becomes a staggering 800% more scratch resistant than commonly used coating – and can even protect from direct wiping with steel wool!