Jupio Pr1me Gear Tri-Charge, triplalaturi LP-E6 akuille

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Triplalaturi LP-E6 akuille. Laturi toimii kätevänä kuljetuskotelona lisäakuille ja siinä on säilytyspaikkoja muistikorteille. Lisäksi laturia voidaan käyttää virtapankin tapaan, kun laturiin on kytketty ladattuja LP-E6 akkuja – voit tällöin ladata esimerkiksi puhelinta USB-C liittimen kautta. Huom! Pelkkä laturi, ei sisällä akkuja, muistikortteja tai latauskaapelia (USB-C). Takuu 2 vuotta.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): JJTC-LPE6


With the use of premium materials we managed to make a product that houses and protects your LP-E6* camera batteries, SDHC memory cards, micro SDHC cards and CFexpress Type-B cards. All in one sturdy housing.

But not only is the Tri-Charge a convenient storage for your LP-E6* batteries, it is way smarter than that because it is a fast charger as well. Just plug in the included USB-C cable and it will charge all 3 LP-E6* batteries simultaneously. When using a USB-C to USB-C cable in combination with a PD (Power Delivery) USB-adapter, then each of the 3 batteries is charged simultaneously with a charging current of 700mA. Each battery bay is equipped with 4 orange LED-lights, which indicates the charging status of each battery.

But the fun does not stop here, because the Jupio Pr1me Gear Tri-Charge has a third personality and that is being a powerbank. When the LP-E6* camera batteries are full of energy, you can use this to power all your other USB-devices like your smartphone, tablet or you name it. Connect it with the included USB-C cable and with a charging speed of 2.0A your smartphone or tablet will be recharged.

*These LP-E6 batteries for Canon are not included!

** This charger works with ALL LP-E6 models, like LP-E6N and LP-E6NH !


With a total weight of 173g* (excluding Batteries & SD Cards), it’s barely noticeable that you have it in your camera bag. Made from a durable plastic and with a rugged finish, it’s a unit that you can rely on.

*Sony version 173g, Canon 186g, Nikon 180g


Have you ever arrived to location, only to realise that you’ve forgotten your memory card?

By including an SD Card storage bay*, for a total of 8 SD Card slots in the back of the charger, all with a classic ”Click” function, it’s quick and easy to make sure all slots are filled up before you head out to shoot.

*No data can be transferred from the cards, it’s purely storage.


Having the ability to transfer power from one unit to another can save the day. The USB-C Out port will allow you to use the power of your camera batteries, to charge your other devices.

It provides an output of 5V/2A which can charge your phone, drone batteries, or even keep your camera alive continously.