Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX + LUMIX S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 KIT

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Täysikennoinen pienikokoinen hybridikamera – sopii niin video- kuin valokuvaajillekin. Ensimmäinen Panasonic runko vaihetarkennuksella. 6K 10bit video, sisäinen ProRes tallennus ja paljon muuta! Takuu 2 vuotta.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): DC-S5M2XKE



  • 24.2 megapikselin CMOS kenno
  • Videokuvaus 6K koko kennon alalta @ 30/25/24p (4:2:0 10-bit), 4K/60p (4:2:2 10-bit)
  • Vaihe- ja kontrastipohjainen Hybrid AF tarkennusjärjestelmä
  • 3.68M pisteen OLED etsin
  • 5-akselinen kennovakaaja, tukee DUAL IS vakautusta (pelkkä runko 5EV, yhteensopivan objektiivin kanssa jopa 6,5EV)
  • 3″ 1.84M pisteen kääntyvä kosketusnäyttö
  • Kaksi muistikorttipaikkaa (2x UHS-II)
  • 96 megapikselin high-resolution kuvaus
  • 7 kuvaa/s sarjakuvaus mekaanisella sulkimella, 30 kuvaa/s elektronisella sulkimella
  • WiFi ja Bluetooth
  • Pöly- ja roiskesuojattu
  • Sisäänrakennettu tuuletin
  • Akkukesto 370 kuvaa
  • Mitat 134 x 102 x 90mm (pelkkä runko)
  • Paino 740g (pelkkä runko)

Lisät verrattuna S5 II:n

  • Raw video output
  • Video recording to SSD over USB
  • All-I compression modes
  • Internal ProRes capture
  • Wired/wireless IP streaming



The cameras use a new Phase Hybrid AF system combining PDAF with Contrast Detect AF. Fast and dependable and providing 779-area metering, the new system is able to detect target subjects in difficult conditions such as low light and backlighting and, once locked on, will remain tracking them even with other moving objects in the frame. Continuous AF during zooming and AF micro adjustment are also available.

New sensor

Panasonic has developed a new 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor that complies with PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus). The imaging engine has also been newly developed to achieve high resolution, natural description and approximately 2x higher-speed signal procession for high bit-rate video recording.

In tune with an adoption of PDAF, the AF system evolved into fast, accurate Phase Hybrid AF, making it even more dependable. With an advanced subject detection and metering technologies to capture the target subject in focus even in adverse lighting conditions. Once locked on the subject, it keeps tracking even in the situations where plural objects are moving in the frame.

Image stabilisation

The S5 IIX comes with a powerful image stabilization system for wide-ranging shooting conditions and situations. In addition to combining the Body I.S. in the camera and the O.I.S. in the LUMIX S Series lens, the 5-axis Dual I.S. the correction power is maximized to allow 6.5-stop slower shutter speed. In addition, Active I.S. has been added for even more stable video recording. By determining the status of camera shake, Active I.S. optimizes horizontal, vertical, and rotational correction ratios. As a result, performance of image stabilizer is maximized to achieve compensation of approximately 200% larger amount of camera shake compared with conventional image stabilization.

Professional video

The LUMIX S5IIX can be a choice of serious videographers. Adoption of new engine provides the LUMIX S5IIX with high video performance even comparable with cinema camera LUMIX S1H. They provide 4:2:0 10-bit 6K (17:9 or 3:2) / 5.9K (16:9), unlimited 4:2:2 10-bit C4K/4K recording capability. With a new heat-dispersion mechanism, there is no limit in recording time due to overheating issue.

The LUMIX S5IIX is capable of All-Intra, ProRes recording on SSD via USB. It also features wired/wireless IP streaming function and USB tethering. Moreover, Apple ProRes RAW recording is possible by HDMI RAW output to Atomos Ninja V+ monitor recorder on the LUMIX S5IIX.

The camera has a 14+ stop V-Log/V-Gamut capture to deliver a high dynamic range and broad colors.

A REAL-TIME LUT function is provided to enable color grading on the compatible video and photo in the camera by applying the LUT(.VLT/.cube) saved in the SD memory card. Users can perform intended color grading on the spot without postproduction and share images online through social networking sites. This function can be used even for live streaming.

  • Dual card slots (both UHS-II) support Relay Recording, Backup Recording and Allocation Recording and the 2200mAh high-capacity battery can be recharged via AC or USB.
  • Full-size HDMI Type A terminal and high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2 and plus a cable lock holder to prevent unwanted unplugging. Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 5GHz and 2.4GHz to provide fast, stable communication with smartphones and tablets.
  • Camera are built to robust standards for in-field use, with magnesium alloy die-cast front and rear frames and a splash- and dust-resistant construction.
  • Video assist functions such as Waveform Monitor, Vector Scope and Zebra Patter. Features such as System Frequency (24.00Hz), Synchro Scan, Fan mode and redesigned control panel which enables quick selection of menu are also available.
  • Dual Native ISO sensitivity that minimizes noise generation by choosing an optimal circuit to use according to the sensitivity before gain processing. As a result, it allows a maximum ISO 51200 (Extended: 204800) high-sensitivity recording.

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