Sirui MT-2204 + MT-20 -hiilikuitujalusta kuulapäällä

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Hiilikuitujalusta uudella MT-20 ArcaSwiss yhteensopivalla panorointilevyllä varustetulla kuulapäällä. Voidaan käyttää myös monopodina. Maksimikorkeus 135/155cm. Kuljetuspituus 45cm. Kantavuus 15kg. Paino 2,01kg. Takuu 6 vuotta.

Tuotetunnus (SKU): MT-2204+MT-20


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  • Materiaali: Hiilikuitu
  • Jalustapään kiinnitys 3/8″ tai 1/4″
  • Kierrettävät lukot
  • 4-osaiset jalat
  • Arca swiss yhteensopiva pikakiinnitys
  • Paino 2010g
  • Kuljetuspituus 45cm
  • Maksimikorkeus 135/155cm (keskiputki ylhäällä)
  • Kantavuus 15kg
  • Minimikorkeus 45cm

Sirui MT-2204 + MT-20 Tripod Kit with Ballhead

Their compact and portable design is perfect for the photographer who needs a full feature support and also a light and small tripod which can be in your equipment all the time.

Compared to conventional tripods, the MT-2204 tripod has larger leg tubes, which are 29.4mm in maximum diameter, providing extra stability for holding heavier gear.
The high-strength carbon fiber reduces the overall weight of the tripod, combining together lightweight and stability.

The MT-2204 have the feature that one leg can be detached and converted to a monopod.

Adjust the automatic reset buttons to get three leg angles, 22 degrees, 52 degrees and 82 degrees. In addition, the legs can be folded reversely to form a compact fit for traveling.

The Spider of the tripod contains a 1/4″ screw-socket for easily connecting additional accessories without use of clip or clamps

The hook in the bottom of the centercolumn, can be used to add weight with a camera bag or sand bag
Inverting the center column to a lower angle allows you to capture the perfect macro or close-up shot.

Twist the leg lock knob 1/3 turn, for fast extending and retracting of the legs. The leg locking knobs can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

It comes with mounted rubber feet, but also stainless spikes are supplied.

A practical, supplied carrying case and grip friendly, insulated wraps on each leg for use in cold weather is a standard with Sirui tripods.

Ballhead MT-20
Built with hard aluminum alloy, the head is sturdy and durable. The ball is 38mm in diameter with a strong locking force, allowing the head to safely stay at any angle.

Panoramic platform on top, panning base and the vertical notch are all incorporated in the ball head, making it easier to take stunning panoramic photos.