Sirui Traveler 5AX + B-00K -alumiinijalusta kuulapäällä


tai esim.
35 €/kk (4kk) Kuukausierä OP Tililuotolla.
Esimerkkilaskelma on suuntaa antava.
Kuukausierä: 35 €/kk
Maksuaika: 4 kk
Luottohinta: 138 €
Saatavilla heti myymälästä
Nouto: 0,00 €
Toimitus: alk. 5,90 € Nouto myymälästä: 0,00 €
Postipaketti 5,90 €
Matkahuolto 6,90 €
Posti Kotipaketti 12,90 €
Posti Express 15,00 €

Erittäin pienikokoiunen matkajalusta irrotettavalla keskiputkella. Kuljetusasennossa vain 33cm! Takuu 6 vuotta!
Max 138,8cm, min 16.8cm, kantavuus 4kg, paino 1050g.



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  • Materiaali: Alumiini
  • Jalkojen lukitus: Kierrettävät lukot
  • Jalustapään kiinnitys: 3/8″, 1/4″
  • Pikakiinnitys: ArcaSwiss (Sirui TY-C10)
  • Kantavuus: 5kg
  • Vesivaakojen määrä: 1
  • Maksimikorkeus 103,8/138,8cm
  • 5-osaiset jalat
  • Kuljetuspituus 33cm
  • Alin korkeus 16,8cm
  • Kuulapää B-00K
  • Paino 1050g

Travel light without sacrificing strength and stability
The ultra lightweight SIRUI Travel 5AX tripod combines low weight with very high quality.
Despite its compact construction, it ensures secure support for your DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera.

With the weight of 1kg, it’s hardly noticeable in your luggage and becomes an excellent companion on all your travels.

The legs can be folded up by 180°, meaning that the tripod can be collapsed to a height of just 31cm.
Each leg is made of 5 sections with 4 sealed twist locks.
The rubber feet ensure the tripod is steady on all surfaces.

The Sirui Traveler 5AX tripod series features a removable center column.
The ballhead can also be mounted directly onto the tripod shoulder for maximum stability.
A practical, supplied carrying case and grip friendly, insulated wraps on 2 legs for use in cold weather is a standard with Sirui tripods.

The included B-00K ball head work very precisely and smoothly. The base can rotate 360°, ideal for panoramic shots. The ball friction can be continuously adjusted. The safety lock system prevents accidental slippage of the Quick Release Plate TY-C10. Compatibility with the Arca Swiss system allows various plates to be used. The B-00K has full metal knobs for better usability. The release plate is rubberised and has three slots in which either the 1/4“ screw can be used.