SmallRig LP-E6NH akku USB-C latauksella (4264)


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Tehokas LP-E6NH yhteensopiva akku, joka voidaan ladata akkulaturilla tai USB-C kaapelilla. USB-A – USB-C kaapeli mukana.
2400mAh, 7,2V, takuu 2 vuotta!

SKU: SR4264


SmallRig 4264 Camera Battery USB-C Rechargable LP-E6NH

Fully decoded without pop-ups, this visually distinctive battery features frosted ABS and PC shell, which is fire-resistant and durable.

It is exactly the same size as the original camera battery, hence no worries about it getting stuck.

Quality battery cell has a safe and reliable circuit for stable voltage and current output

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • High Temperature Protection
  • High Current Protection
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Over-Charge Protection
  • Over-discharge Protection

This battery have a high capacity of 2400mAh.
It meets the needs of long-time recording/shooting: (Based on CIPA Standard testing)

  • Recording Time – 3 H
  • Number of Shots – 780
  • Test Camera Model – Canon EOS R7

Also support charging with dedicated charger

F.ex: Canon EOS 5D / 5D Mark II / 5D Mark III / 5D Mark IV / 6D / 6D Mark II / 7D / 7D Mark II / 60D / 70D / 80D / 90D / XC10 / XC15 / 5DS / 5DS R / R / R5 / R6 / R5C / R7 / R6 Mark II
*There are too many compatible models to be listed. Please refer to their battery type.

This product system have passed the rechargeable battery certificationfor safty and efficiency:

Package includes:
1x LP-E6NH USB-C Rechargeable Camera Battery
1x Battery Cover
1x 0.6m USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
1x User Manual