Tenba Axis v2 16L Road Warrior kamerareppu

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Monipuolinen päiväreppu, jossa erillinen irroitettava kameraosasto, sekä läppäritasku jopa 16″ kannettavalle.  Erittäin hyvä hinta-laatusuhde. Takuu 5 vuotta!

Tuotetunnus (SKU): 57637-764



  • Esim. 1 x Pieni DSLR / Mirrorless + 2-3 objektiivia + 16″ kannettava ja jopa 12.9″ tabletti
  • Sisämitat 28x43x11cm
  • Ulkomitat 32x48x20cm
  • Paino 1,5kg
  • Läppäriosaston mitat 27x41x2cm

Tenba’s tactical Axis bags were inspired by the ultra-durable bags we’ve made for the military throughout our 40+ year history. The 16L RoadWarrior backpack will fit a mirrorless or compact DSLR camera with 2-3 lenses, plus a laptop up to 16 inches (40 cm) and a tablet up to 12.9 inches (33 cm). Whatever you need a pocket for, this bag has one – passport and wallet, water bottle, two days’ worth of clothes, documents and a notebook, business cards etc. The BYOB Insert allows you to pack a camera kit when you need it, and quickly remove it when you don’t need it. Plus, the BYOB’s shoulder strap allows it to be carried separately from the backpack. And you can use this BYOB insert in any other bag you own, like trekking backpacks, messenger bags, women’s handbags, luggage etc. MOLLE webbing give the backpack limitless expandability with Tenba Tools, such as Lens Capsules, Battery Pouches and Memory Card Wallets, as well as a multitude of military-standard pouches and accessories. Tenba’s Airflow harness and auto-adjusting Pivot-Fit Straps allow the pack to comfortably fit users of all sizes.

  • Camera/Laptop/Tablet Capacity – Mirrorless or compact DSLR camera with 2-3 lenses, plus a laptop up to 16 inches (40 cm) and a tablet up to 12.9 inches (33 cm).
  • Hidden Bluetooth Tracker Pocket Compatible with AirTag and Tile – Special neoprene sleeve securely fits an AirTag or Tile Bluetooth Tracker so you can always find your camera bag.
  • Removable BYOB Camera Insert Included – BYOB 9 Camera Insert provides padded storage for a camera equipment when needed, and can be quickly removed from the pack. Included shoulder strap allows BYOB insert to be carried separately from the backpack.
  • Complete Work/Life Organization – Loads of pockets to organize all the gadgets, gear and components in a professional work life, and the pack easily fits under the seat of an airplane.
  • Tripod/Water Bottle Storage – Reinforced side pocket fits a tripod or water bottle.